Master Park
 Learn from the World Top Quality Grand Master Park from Korea
True Authentic Oriental Martial Arts Programs
Education, Health, Value, Quality, Discipline, Respect, Confidence, Strength
Classes: Kids(3-5), Children, Teens, Family, Ladies only, Adults, Seniors...
Taekwondo, Hapkiyudo, Judo, Jujitsu, Karate, Aikido, Self-defense, Taichi, Yoga, Dahn

Celebrations of Master Park's 50+ years of Authentic Oriental Martial Arts Training!


Master Park Martial Arts



Hi-Ya® Martial Arts Supplies 330-965-9000
212 Boardman-Canfield Rd. Boardman, Ohio 44512 USA
Grand Master Park's Hapkiyudo, Yudo, Judo,Taekwondo, Karate training


Grand Master Park 's Breaking at U.S. Martial Arts Championship®

World Hi-Ya® Challenge USA and the world, World Sports, Martial Arts & Expo

Master Park's Instructions: during the high School and College years as a president/instructor of 500 members of martial arts club in Korea.
Picture: Lines of the black belts are ready for highly well educated, formal and structured training. it is not like your neighborhood martial arts places.





Master Park's instruction at local schools (100s of schools internationally)


Master Park Martial Arts International on Facebook  (330) 965-9000 for ages 3-85
Business Hours: Mon.- Fri. 9am/10am -9pm, Sat. 9am-5pm

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Classes: Kids, Teens, Family, Ladies, Adult, Seniors, Private/Group...

for beginners, intermediate, Advanced, Black Belt & Instructors.

Taekwondo, Hapkiyudo, Karate, Judo, Jujitsu, Kick-Boxing,
Self-defense, Grappling, Joint Locks, Yoga, Taichi, Dahn...

Mental and Physical: Discipline, Respect, Confidence, Breathing, Balance, Relaxation, Circulation, Coordination, Strength, Power, Speed, Flexibility, Posture, Coordination, Health & Wellness.

Celebrating Master Park's 50+ years in Authentic Oriental Martial Arts!

World Top Quality Grand Master Park from Korea
  Authentic True Oriental Martial Arts Programs


More than 90% of students become all "A" School Grades addtion to other discipline

MP Self-Defense
Mommy & Me Class 
Women's Self-Defense:
Students, professional, college bound, police and military    
Judo, Yudo, Jujitsu, Hapkiyudo, Hapkido, Aikido:
  Children: 6 years & older / Teens, Adult, Men & Women
Bully Proof for Lifetime Private/Group for all ages. Bully Prevention Plus
Master Park's Discipleship program:
Black belt, Instructor, Master Black Belt program

Ladies Authentic Oriental Martial Arts Program: Serious physical and mental training, strength, power, balance, flexibility, focus, relax, Yoga, Dahn, Self-defense, Hapkiyudo, Taekwondo, Judo, Jujitsu, Aikido,

Private Lesson, Personal Training from Master Park:
by appointment.
Seminars, Cooperation Training, Safety Program, After School Program,
Increase Value, Quality, Authenticity and Empower of Life.
       Lifetime Bully Proof: Self-Defense and Peace of Mind.
             Lifetime Healthy, Confidence, Discipline and Leadership.

Other Class -
Master Park's Korean Calligraphy, Language and Art Classes:

Korean/Oriental Culture, Arts, Language, Respect, Discipline, Honor, Duty and Dignity.

Community Health, Safety, Education, Discipline & Respect Program:
Master Park has been training at 100s' Daycare, Kindergartens, schools, community, corporations, groups and individuals.
Martial Arts Boot Camp: for men & women of all ages -
Ultimate physical & mental training. Group / Private training.

Tai-Chi, Dahn and Beyond for Everyone:
Improving balance, posture, strength, relaxation, flexibility, flow, calm, breathing, inner powers, focus, relieve stress and anxiety and more.

Self-Defense - instructor: Grand Master Park
Special self-defense training- group and private lessons-for everyone: children, students, college bound students, real estate agents, home care workers, police, military, private service agent, business professional and others.

Letter from President of the Ohio Senate, Senator Bill Harris and
Senator Joe Schiavoni.

True Authentic Oriental Martial Arts from Grand Master Park:
It is a high standard world Top Quality formal discipline of Oriental Martial Arts training with strong educational background.
It is a complete mental, physical and spiritual training for all ages. You can meet Grand Master Park personally and ask about your training what is the best for you.

HAPKIYUDO®: Please click
for kids, teens, young adult, ladies, men, senior and family,
including: taekwondo, yudo, kick boxing, judo, jujitsu, hapkido, aikido,
hwarangdo, ssirum, kumdo, kendo, taichi, yoga, self-defense, and grappling.

Other special classes: breathing, relaxation, meditation, coordination, balancing, focus, flexibility, conditioning, posture, strengthen, lose weight and other classes.
MPMA Self-defense Certification:
Police, armed forces, law enforcement and security personnel training. Children self-defense, high school students, teachers, Ladies and men self-defense.  
Sports training for individual/team:
For all sports
Executive training:
Private training, personal training, personal coaching, on-location.
Certified black belt, instructor & master training: 
For a certified black belt, instructor and master instructor. for national and international students at MPMA, WSMX and WSMA.

Warning! Before joining any martial arts(MA) places, you must check their
background of owner, instructors? education? otherwise Black belt or Master means nothing! It is all scam. They are everywhere and many in your neighborhood. Even they are not capable in physically and mentally.
No Value! Anyone can buy or get any black belt or master in MA. 
Boardman Schools Superintendent’s office banned Boardman Taekwondo/Martial Arts business, owner and people coming to the Boardman Schools. Have you ever heard about it? What happened?
Why students, family, parents, community, neighboring schools and people do not know? There are hundreds of victims from recruited and promoted by the Boardman Schools. They are/were at Canfield Schools and Austintown Schools and many other schools in the valley. but Schools, teachers, parents, community members, local and state board of educations, government officials do not know anything! It is unbelievable. Schools and principals are collecting money from your children and families without knowing and they are scaming children, family and communities. MA day care and MA childcare without license.
Please check information:

WSMX- World Sports, Martial Arts & Expo:
Miss Martial Arts® / Mr. Martial Arts® and 500 World Titles Division Events worldwide.
1.   Local, regional, state, national, international level in the US and the world.
   2.   Welcome contestants, volunteers, memberships, sponsors, and directors
3.  Online Registration:

Letter from President / Grand master of WSMX / WSMA
Letter from the Governor of Ohio, Letter from the Governor of Pennsylvania,   Letter from the Mayor of City of Columbus      
Letter from the Mayor of City of Pittsburgh, Letter from the Head Football Coach of Ohio State University   

World Hi-Ya® Challenge          
Please contact 330-965-9000 or email at subject of Hi-Ya®Challenge Licensing.
1. World Hi-Ya® Competition - various Divisions.
2. World Hi-Ya® Breathing/Balancing Competition - various Divisions
3. Welcome contestants, volunteers, memberships, sponsors, directors local, regional, state and national level in the US and the world.

4.  Online Registration:
Martial arts experience is not required- family, friend & anyone Breathing, balance, relieve stress, increasing energy...
Information, Applications, Letter for the event,
Please visit
Letter from President / Grand master of WSMX
Letter from the White House, 
Letter from the Governor of State of Ohio,
Letter from the US Congressman

Join Master Park Martial Arts community Project  - 
Please contact MPMA for detail information.
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Boardman Rotary OktoberFestival Sun. Oct. 1, 2017
Talented Kids of America 2017, for ages 4-12 at Maag Outdoor Theatre
330-965-9000 or

Community Challenge 2017: For Education & Community
at Boardman Rotary Oktoberfestival at Boardman Park

Sun. Oct. 1. 2017  at outdoor Maag Theatre event, a part of Festival.
Open to the public: Please register.
1. Martial Arts. Dance and more. Entertainers welcome 
   2. Hi-Ya® Challenge Board Breaking Contest: for all ages
   3. Hi-Ya® Challenge: "Hi-Ya" Yelling Contest for all ages
   4. Talented Kids'(Teens/Adult Div.)of America 2017
   5. Singing Star Contest: by Shooting Star Entertainment
   6. Kids Speech Contest    7. Coloring Contest

   8. Drone Demonstration(Dompetition)
   9. Event information will be updated and changed.
Application, information, sponsorship- PDF. File- Printable

Grand Master Park's instruction

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