Grand Master Park's massive martial arts instruction to 100s of trainees at Football Stadium.

                                                  Grand Master Park's Hapkiyudo, Judo, Yudo, Jujitsu & self-defense Demonstration

Grand Master Park martial arts programs are different from general martial arts training. Grand Master Park has been training over 50 years as a way of life. It is a mission of strong physical, mental and spiritual improvement, most importantly to improve value, dignity and quality of life and mental discipline, respect with good Oriental philosophy, and furthermore having a successful life with good education and becoming a good leader and provider for community, country and the world.

MPMA program is never related to:
1. Violent fighting training. 
2. Competition purpose of sports training.
3. Daycare without license, babysitting or play program
    in purpose of having Fun to make money.
4. Selling, giving away, quick production of meaningless or valueless black
     belt or color belt to make money(selling without any value). without
     proper and adequate training and test. The belts were handed out by
     so-called instructors or masters or grand masters without any real
     martial arts training background or education.
5. Running as an exercise program, technical fighting training or tough
training without any qualified true martial arts background.
6. There are many people having training for purpose of only skill training.
    Master Park is not interested in making or producing skilled technicians:
    abnormal breaking training, tough guy/girl training, hardening body or
    abnormal inhumane training.

Parents, students, family or guardian must check very carefully instructors' back ground, education, real oriental martial arts training experience. You can buy anything (any color belt and any rank of black belt, master, grand master even Ph.D. )on internet or from someone and it is very common. You will be most likely very disappointed from your expectations. Most likely you will find out the fact in the later years, you will be terribly regret and hurt your feeling for wasting time, money and effort for nothing.

Grand Master Park has been providing structured, disciplined, respected quality True Oriental martial arts programs.

Schools, Parents or Organizations! You are responsible and must know:

Basic requirements: Depend on what kind of training you are looking for?

Who is/are the instructor(s)? How have they trained Oriental martial arts? Do they have college degree of education same as school teachers or higher? Did you check their Background?: Drug use, Alcoholic, Criminals? at least same level as school teachers. How did they train? It takes time to become a high level of instructor with proper training and education. How long have they trained martial arts from who and where? who are their instructor(s)? How are they well qualified?
Are they Fit? Physically, mentally, Discipline and Behavior? Are you looking for Black belt of cage Fighting, Ultimate Fighting, Mixed Martial Arts(MMA) Fighting or bloody Kick-boxing Fighting?
                                                                                                                   Grand Master Park's Breaking Demonstration
Recently Boardman Schools and many other schools in the U.S. banned few coming their schools. Have you heard about it? Call and ask them why?  Schools and people do not understand what black belt and Master are?  Anyone can open Martial Arts business and teach the Martial Arts. Martial Arts Daycare/Childcare without license are everywhere! 

Don't be fooled
by Black belt, Master, Grand master, Hall of fame, 
Champion or winning at tournaments or competitions.

We have seen often: 5 years old kids are holding black belt after 6 months of training, 6 years old kids are holding 2nd degree black belt. Those black belt doesn't know even how to warm up or stretching or very basics. most of all their so-called instructors doesn't know even
basic in martial arts. Giving away a yellow belt as a hook and bait.           
It is not a joke. It is everywhere in America.
Very young kids are teaching classes as an instructor. Criminals are

teaching students. Students and their families do not know anything            
but highly respect and trust them, because they are claiming
black belt, Master or grand master in MA.

(World Taekwondo HQ in Korea, Korean Government Agency)
has been falsely selling Black Belts through top ranking
Kukkiwon officials and others in the U.S.A. and other countries. From 2015 some peoples are selling in the U.S. and other countries more certificates than ever to make more money. I have punished the top officials who traveled to U.S.A. regularly and sold a lot of certificates and made a lot of money. Your training and promotion of your rank
is from your master and your grand master. No one should be in the middle. If anyone is claiming too much Kukkiwon black belt, it is absolutely
Red Flag. you should check their back ground and their training.             MPMA Children's Demonstration
Ask them where they have been trained and who the instructor is
and his instructor.

Kukkiwon is not teaching any class. Kukkiwon doesn't have any class for the training for people. It is a building with a few offices and one gym. They have only special seminars, test or competitions. If anyone
is claiming that they have trained Taekwondo at Kukkiwon, it is false.

Some people are claiming their college degree from Kukkiwon University. There is no college or university. They are lying and people are believing. Someone was teaching at local school system with Kukkiwon University degree.
It is unbelievable. Kukkiwon is not related to any of Yudo, Hapkido, Hapkiyudo, Karate, Judo and others.

USAT(former USTU) officials have involved selling black belt and heavily involved corruptions and misconducts. USTU was the same organization and changed the name to USAT, because of the corruption, misusing money and many other uncountable illegal act. Many officials were removed from USTU legally. Many state of USTU officials were involved corruptions and illegal act. Many people are claiming that they are belong to USAT or a member. It is a sports organization. Anyone gives money to the USAT, they will give you certificates. USAT is nothings to do with your training or rank. They are always looking for more money.

If anyone is claiming too much stating USAT or Kukkiwon on their web sites, it is a Red Flag. You should check their back ground and training. You will find out they do/did not have any real own instructor and they bought the black at Black Market or many other places all over and they are saying USAT, USTU or Kukkiwon. They do not know anything other than USAT, USTU or Kukkiwon. They bought the certificates with money. It is all about value of life in Oriental Martial Arts training. Showing toughness, breaking cement slabs with head, hardening your body is not the goal of most human beings. Once again your training is between you and your instructor and nothing to do with any others.

It is like saying "I have a Library Card and I am a very special person".
It will be a common everywhere teaching with those fake certificates in the U.S. and the world.

It is about true benefits of true Oriental martial arts training, not as a sports competitions or training.
You have to find true and real qualified instructor and teacher with checking their real academic college education (same as school teachers or higher), true training back ground (without having high quality of real Oriental martial arts training, people are creating and making up black belt, master and grand master everywhere) and their behavior and back ground.

Hall of Fame is another big money making business. There are very few good qualified Hall of Fame events.
You can buy any ranking of black belt, master, grand master or PhD in martial arts on internet or many places all over.
Black belt, master, grand master means nothing in many cases except well trained and educated instructors. It is not worth anything like fake diamond. You are responsible to receive or to be provided proper True Oriental Martial Arts training or program.

Champion or winning at tournaments or competitions: You should check real benefit from entering the competition or tournament. Most so-called instructors are encouraging their students to go to the money making business and benefit of unqualified black belt and instructors themselves but nothing else. Most tournaments are not giving any benefit to the training or students. There are not many good qualified tournaments or competitions to learn or to have benefit.
Some people are boasting that he/she was the title officer for the traveling to Korea or other country. If you pay money they will give you a title.

Don't be fooled by Martial Arts After School Program:
Many martial arts places are running after school program for making money. Are they licensed, qualified or certified daycare/childcare program in your state. Actually martial arts after school programs are day care programs without state license - It is neither martial arts program, daycare program nor study program.
It is terribly wrong wasting everyone's time, money and life for nothing under the name of disciplined martial arts training.
Who is teaching class? Young children or not qualified people are teaching and playing so called disciplined martial arts classes.

Hapkiyudo® is an extremely realistic and versatile discipline of self protection that includes an extensive variety of strikes, kicks, joint locks, pressure points, throwing, grappling, strangle-holds, very effective self-defense techniques and disarming techniques. The result is a practical, comprehensive Self-Defense system that is enjoyable to learn and that produces effective results in realistic situations.
It is well suited for children, teen, men and women ages 6 and older of all sizes because physical strength and athletic abilities are not essential. The emphasis is on redirecting the assailants' aggression and power back toward them with little effort and minimum force on your part.                                                        
Hapkiyudo is emphasizing more mental discipline, inner body and mental training as well as vast variety of physical training.   Hapkiyudo® training is including Taekwondo, Karate, Judo, Jujitsu, Hapkido, Kick-boxing, Aikido, kungfu, hwarangdo and other martial arts.

To join World Hapkiyudo: please contact 330-965-9000 or email:
1) training,   2) membership,   3) to join world Hapkiyudo for martial arts schools and organizations in the US and other countries   4) to become an instructor in the US and other countries.

Taekwondo is a martial art from Korea. Taekwondo places great emphasis on fast, spectacular kicking techniques with hand strikes. Taekwondo is popular in the world and is probably the most widely practiced of the martial arts. It is now recognized as an Olympic sport since 1988 Seoul Olympic.  

Taekwondo or any martial arts itself is not teaching anything. Instructor's quality is the KEY of everything. There are many people claiming Black Belt and Master in Taekwondo or any martial arts but that means nothing. You should know who they are including his/her back ground, education, character, where he/she is really trained and who his/her instructor is, and many other very important items.

Karate is a martial art places hand strikes with kicking techniques with training forms, sparring and various drills.

Hapkido is a Korean martial art, and combines techniques. It also draws influence from other native Korean martial arts.
Characteristic for Hapkido are the joint locks and throws, fallings, kicks, punches and strangles that can look quite spectacular.

Some people are saying "Hapkido is self-defense". It is not true and that means they do not know Hapkido.

Judo/Yudo means gentle way. This means by using the principles of "maximum efficiency" and "minimum effort" one can succeed all endeavors.                          
Judo/Yudo can be studied as an art, a method of self-defense, and effective way to keep in shape, a competitive sport, or as a way of life. Judo is a martial art that makes use of throws, strangles, joint locks and many grappling techniques. Judo uniforms are typically made of heavy material to withstand the pulling and  grappling associated with this martial art.

Self-defense: for children, teens, ladies, men, seniors, police, security personnel, military and armed forces.
Krav Maga Plus: Krav Maga Max: Krav Maga WSMX:

Taichi, Yoga, Jujitsu, Aikido, Hwarangdo, Kumdo/kendo, Kickboxing, Ssirum,

Tai-Chi, Dahn and Beyond for Everyone.
Improving balance, posture, strength, relaxation, flexibility, flow, calm, breathing, inner powers, focus, relieve stress and anxiety and more.

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